How smart is your Smart home appliance?

Create smart home appliances that are straight out of science fiction with the power of psyight integrated within. Any appliances built with a camera, can always use a little more brain power

psyight on smart home appliances
psyight, smarter kitchen appliances

Smarter Kitchen appliances

Ever thought of an oven that can cook like a chef?
Imagine an an oven that can see the ingredients inside and adjust itself accordingly to enhance the cooking experience? Imagine the Oven sending you updates on the dish as it’s being cooked like your kitchen assistant. Psyight makes it all possible by powering your appliances with computer vision.

What if your refrigerator can manage your Kitchen as good as you ?

Imagine a refrigerator that can remind you to buy groceries for the week. A refrigerator that can predict consumption based on usage history and make suggestions accordingly. Even suggesting recipes based on the ingredients that are there inside of it. It is all possible if you power your refrigerator with a camera and psyight.

Psyight- Smart Refrigerator


Future proof your Product with psyight

Future proof your Product

Computer vision holds the key to a smarter home. Appliances of the future will be capable of seeing it’s surrounding and the objects that it should interact with to understand and create specific meaningful reactions towards them. Computer Vision is the key in taking in such data and processing it to derive insights. Psyight enables these steps and even creating a specific programmed response towards each insight.

Comfortable living

When appliances can understand it’s surroundings via images and visuals, it will provide users with much more specific and targeted actions or options that will make the interaction much more efficient helpful for the user.

Comfortable living - Psyight
Psyight, Real world data in real time

Real world data in real time

Psyight powered smart appliances could harvest vast amounts of real time anonymous data of users’ interaction with the equipments and usage patterns and stats which could help in research , development and iteration of products.