Creating applications for the fitness conscious

Millenials and the generation Z are fitness conscious than their predecessors. Studies show that they are likely to financially spend more on their fitness than their education. In this world where every calorie is meticulously counted , creating applications that augment life choices isn’t easy. Unless you are wielding the power of Psyight.

psyight Creating applications for the fitness conscious


Psyight- Nutritional information on the go

Nutritional information on the go

People are more conscious about what they put in their body than ever before. Fast food consumption is increasingly frowned upon across the globe and asking questions about the nutriotion isn’t purely reserved for just athletes and bodybuilders anymore. Apps that gives out information about the nutriotion information of food products are highly popular now. Psyight with it’s computer vision models, powers apps to predict nutritional information of food products in an image with high accuracy.

Smarter choices in shopping

Fitness regimens were often construed as expensive practices till very recently. The popularity of a fitness oriented lifestyle and increasing interest among youngsters towards fitness is introducing a lot of applications and devices that help in this pursuit. Psyight could power such applications by recognizing food products and suggesting cheaper/healthier/suitable alternatives.

Psyight gives you Smarter choices in shopping
Psyight, making Smarter choices in the kitchen

Making Smarter choices in the kitchen

Psyight can recognize food ingredients from an image of a kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. This could enable applications to suggest recipes from a wide array of recipes that are already available in Psyight.

You are what you eat

The new generations are increasingly conscious about their food choices and it’s impact on the planet. For them, making deliberate food choices that are less harmful for the planet is a key priority. Psyight could power apps that can detect food items, and determine if they are preferable to the user’s dietary choices, make suggestions for alternate products or food items with similar nutritional value.

Psyight is conscious about your food choices