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Is your Organization ready for retail 4.0 with psyight


Psyight Stronger consumer brand relationship

Stronger consumer brand relationship

Consumers learn more about brands and products via scanning and psyight. Much more information is delivered to the consumer on demand. Consumer is in a receptive mood which makes the impact stronger.

Better consumer experience

Psyight enables applications to target consumers based on their usage and purchasing histories. Which enables applications powered with psyight to deliver tailor made offers and advertisements towards the consumer creating better meaningful conversions.

Better consumer experience with psyight
More meaningful data from psyight

More meaningful data

Psyight enables applications to gather a wide array of user based data which could be leveraged towards strategic decision making. Since the data reflects the real time priorities of the consumer and real time effects of ad campaigns, the collected data becomes much more relevant and provides meaningful insights.

Smarter algorithm than the competition

Instead of providing a skeletal technological framework that requires much more training to be done before being used in real life applications, Psyight comes with the largest available collection of pretrained consumer product models ready to be used. This saves significant time towards deployment and release of applications.

Psyight, Smarter algorithm